Block Gallery

The Block Gallery plugin includes a masonry gallery that I am using here. Notice the ability to make the corners of the images rounded. It is also possible to change the width of the gutter between the images.

The other options are a fullscreen stacked gallery and a carousel slider.

The fullscreen stacked gallery allows fullscreen images one above the other. 

I am not sure I would ever want to use that, except I wonder whether it might be possible to set text on the images?

If so, then I can see how it could be used like the sites that tell as story against a background as one works down the page.

That might well be what fullscreen stacked gallery can do, because the demo page says:

Display images in a beautiful fullwidth stacked gallery with the Block Gallery Stacked block. Add a shadow to your media, display captions and choose to link to the main image files for folks to download media.