Victims Of Fake News

From Marginal Seat 29 December 2019

In reply to George Monbiot’s YouTube video in which he said 

The oligarchs have discovered the formula for persuading the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich…

I replied:

That’s it, tell us it’s the people too gullible to see they were being gamed. Come on – the news has been awash up to its knees for months with cries of ‘fake news’. And yet despite us all being ‘on guard’ in case we were to fall victim, the British people voted for the ‘hated enemy’.

How about another interpretation? After five years of the Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition Government, five years of austerity, the bedroom tax, cuts to social services, food banks, and you name it – who did the British people vote for?

They voted in the Conservatives.

What characterises the British voting population is a desire to make believe they are one better than their neighbour, for fear they will be seen as poor.

It’s ‘I’m all right Jack’ and it’s terrifying. There’s nothing new to it, though.

All that is needed to change that is a leader and a party that is straight with its voters, and Labour under Corbyn was not that.

No one trusted him because he spoke out of both sides of his mouth. Everyone and his dog saw that. So you don’t need to wonder about formulae, just about who you, we, and I can trust.