Victims Of Fake News

From Marginal Seat 29 December 2019 In reply to George Monbiot’s YouTube video in which he said  The oligarchs have discovered the formula for persuading the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich… I replied: That’s it, tell us it’s the people too gullible to see they were being gamed. Come on … Read more

Thoughts On 12 December

From Marginal Seat 12 December 2019 My thoughts on the exit poll that predicts a large majority for the Conservatives are the the people don’t want the ‘march of the masses’. They want I’m all right Jack, just like the election that brought in the Conservatives after five years of austerity under the Conservative-LibDem coalition Government. … Read more

Feudalism For The Twenty-First Century

From Marginal Seat 4 December 2019 In the UK the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher introduced a Right To Buy for tenants of Local Authorities. Tenants could buy their Council houses at a discount reflecting the years they had spent paying rent. Property prices rose in the years following, and at the same time the Government … Read more

Corbyn’s Antisemitism

From Marginal Seat 27 November 2019 For a long while I thought anti-Semitism was incidental to the extreme left in Labour. I thought anti-Israel sentiments were a convenient peg on which to hang a general ‘we are for the underdog’ policy. But over the last months I’ve come to realise that anti-Semitism is not incidental … Read more

The Sole Duty of Every Member of Parliament

From Marginal Seat 27 March 2019 The headline in the Independent newspaper today is: EU president Donald Tusk warns against ‘betraying’ Remain voters who are ‘not represented by UK parliament. He said many of the millions of people who had signed a petition to revoke Article 50 or who had marched against Brexit at the weekend might … Read more

Our Friends In The North

From Marginal Seat 17 December 2018 Who are these people who voted to leave the EU? Tamara and I went to a talk in Cambridge a few weeks ago at which Andrew (Lord) Adonis and Will Hutton were supposed to speak. Andrew Adonis couldn’t make it because he had to be in Brussels for a … Read more