Emptying Countries

Did those who promoted the free movement of people within the European Union predict this? Under the heading ‘Population decline’ the 18 January 2020 issue of The Week reported that the prime minister of Croatia says his country is suffering a “population loss equivalent to losing a small city every year”. He is calling for … Read more

What Else Is Wisdom

Look up from the jugglers, the escape artists, the tightrope walkers performing on the piazza at Covent Garden. Look across to St, Paul’s Church on one side of the piazza, opposite the cafes and shops. Go around to Bedford Street and you can walk into the garden and into the church. Built by Inigo Jones … Read more

The Olympics 1936 to 1948: Grandeur to Austerity

Travellers in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd is a book about tourists, business people, students, and diplomats who were in Germany in the 1930s. What did they think, what did they notice? Mostly they didn’t notice much. They did little mental gymnastics to avoid characterising the rise of the Nazi state for what it was. We … Read more

More On Particulates

I received a reply to my enquiry about particulates (see my last post). I’ve stripped out the links but will work through those in the email and see what I can find. Hello, Statistics Norway do publish some data on this topic in the statistics “Road traffic volumes”, but it only goes back to 2005. … Read more

Listeria and The NHS

The news is reporting five deaths and nine more confirmed cases of listeria food poisoning in NHS hospitals in England. In the general population, listeria symptoms are usually mild and disappear after a few days. Symptoms can include a high temperature, aches and pains, chills, feeling sick or vomiting, and diarrhoea. Listeria is a bacteria … Read more

iPhone – Where Have I Been

In Google News I saw a headline from the Mirror Newspaper that the iPhone has a secret list of everywhere you’ve been. I read the article and followed the instructions – and it is interesting. To check what your iPhone has recorded about the significant places you have been: Launch the Settings app on your … Read more