Contentment Borne Of Insecurity

This love of quality and solidity in possessions is borne of the insecurity that comes from the knowledge that things are impermanent. Getting comfortable with the knowledge of the end of things enables enjoyment of things without fear. It makes me think of Japanese swords and small art objects such as netsuke and how that … Read more

Sybaritic Sybaris

The ancient Romain city of Sybaris, originally founded by Greek settlers, was located in the Calabria region in the Gulf of Taranto in the instep of the boot of Italy. It was eventually overrun and disappeared off the map. It was not until the 1960s that the ruins were rediscovered by a team from the … Read more

A Sense Of Awe

All scientists working at the frontiers of science are adventurers. They stand before this huge unexplained phenomenon and the task is daunting. It is daunting not least because they simply do not understand the extent of it. So they set to work. They nibble, gnaw, and bite at the corner of it until they’ve got … Read more


Cordovan is the name given to a rich burgundy colour. It gets its name from the city of Cordoba in Spain, where many workers in leather had their businesses. A worker in leather, originally in goatskin, from Cordoba were known as a cordewan, then cordewaner, and now in English as a cordwainer. Cordwainer is an … Read more


One of the distinctions you learn between us and the animals is that the animals adapt to their environment but we adapt the environment to suit us. That’s exactly what we’ve done because with our big brain that’s what we could do. The only thing is that it has got out of hand so that … Read more

Near Drowning

Researchers at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel have discovered that patients often develop a sudden reduction in kidney function within days of a near-drowning experience. The symptoms include reduced urine output and an elevated creatinine level and can be fatal. The researchers believe that kidney damage is due to a temporary lack of oxygen coupled … Read more