The Sole Duty of Every Member of Parliament

From Marginal Seat 27 March 2019

The headline in the Independent newspaper today is:

EU president Donald Tusk warns against ‘betraying’ Remain voters who are ‘not represented by UK parliament.

He said many of the millions of people who had signed a petition to revoke Article 50 or who had marched against Brexit at the weekend might feel that they “are not sufficiently represented by the UK parliament”.

He said it was the duty of the European Parliament to represent people who disagreed with Brexit, “because they are Europeans”.

At least the very conversation about it is out there.

Who knows where the tipping point is, eh? We have not been this way before…

According to Joacob Rees-Mogg in the Daily Mail:

…the Commons’ job is to provide confidence in a Prime Minister who can take decisions for which she or he is accountable.”

No it isn’t. The job of MPs is to vote for what they believe is the best decision in the interests of the country as a whole.

John Bercow made that point:

“I believe passionately in the institution of parliament, in the rights of members of this house, and in their commitment to their duty … The sole duty of every member of parliament is to do what he or she thinks is right.”