Trump’s Target Audience

From Marginal Seat 3 October 2016

This is the week where Trump tweeted in the early hours of the morning about Alicia Machado.

She is the woman who, as Clinton pointed out in the debate, Trump had criticised over her size after she became Miss Universe in 1996.

OK, that’s weird, but you may have noticed a change in the way commentators are talking about Trump this week.

Middle of the road commentators and those who support Clinton say they are appalled at how unpresidential his behaviour is. 

Commentators who support Trump are tying themselves up in knots to defend what the accusers see as the indefensible.

But the commentators who support Trump say they have a secret weapon. And it may hold up on voting day.

The secret weapon, they say, is that all those appalled commentators are not Trump’s target audience.

They say that the rules of what constitutes presidential behaviour don’t apply to Trump, that he has blown the rules apart.

So what does his target audience want. Some will no doubt love his attack on the establishment.

But why are they not put off by his erratic behaviour?

No doubt some are put off.

But my guess is that they love the spectacle and the promise of a bigger spectacle if he gets in.

They love that he doesn’t behave like a politician is ‘supposed to do’.

For them he is a facilitator of their dreams, the ringmaster who provides them with sport – an arena with the American establishment in the ring.

They see the chance to be indulge themselves through him. 

He goads them on and promises them a spectacle. They don’t want responsibility; they want to be spectators.

He is a religious figure and they will find redemption through him.