black faced sheep in profile against heather

A repository, a ragbag, without purpose, and no niche to speak of.

The figurative sense of the word niche is first recorded 1725. The use of niche as a recess in a wall comes from the French niche meaning a kennel for a dog.

Before that the origins are unclear, with some asserting it comes from the Latin nicchio, meaning seashell, which others claim it comes from Old French nichier meaning to nestle or to build a nest.

The idea of a seashell, carrying its home with it wherever it goes seems to fit with the figurative sense of a particular home territory, narrower than it need be, but focussed.

So this leaves this site without a home and without boundaries.

Except that the site now includes a number of posts that describe issues, tips, and news about WordPress, Gutenberg, WordPress plugins, and WooCommerce as I have encountered them. It’s an interesting time to be involved in WooCommerce, with the impact of Gutenberg in its second stage and beyond in the coming years.