Multiple h1 Tags On A Page

Multiple h1 tags on a page are bad, I thought. And I would have left it at that except for something I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to mess about isolating the h1 font that displays over a hero image just to get it to render at the size I wanted. And I … Read more

Sending It On Home To WordPres Dot Com

I have a website at WordPress dot com, and I am signed up to receive email updates on the latest developments. I just received an email headed ‘Import Your WordPress Site to — Including Themes and Plugins’ that says “ customers can now copy over everything from a self-hosted WordPress site — including themes … Read more

Non Clickable Menu Items

Non clickable menu items are useful when you don’t want people clicking them. So, you may ask, in what circumstances might you not want people clicking on them? Well it can be where you have products in categories and you want people to look at the products within the categories. What you don’t want them … Read more

Jetpack and Yoast Plugin Conflict?

I wondered today whether I had a Jetpack and Yoast plugin conflict. The site I am talking about is running WP 5.3.2 and I noticed today when writing a post that Gutenberg was not creating a text block automatically when I did a carriage return. I had to put the cursor on a new line … Read more

Litespeed and the advanced-cache file

You may see advanced-cache.php as a drop-in in your plugins folder. The advanced-cache.php file is used by many caching plugins to signal that a cache is active. When this option is checked and this file is detected as belonging to another plugin, LiteSpeed Cache will not cache. The easiest way to find out what other … Read more