The WP-Sweep plugin is in the WP repository and has, as of the time of writing, over 100,000 active installations. It cleans up the database and comes highly recommended as well as being speedy in doing its job. It comes with a health warning that before you do any sweep, to backup your database first because any … Read more

Copy and Paste Behaving Badly

Suddenly in OS Monterey, trackpad plus highlight the text to copy stopped working. It would think I was asking for a dictionary definition or something. Don found an article for how to stop pboard running, either in Terminal with killall pboard or in Activity Monitor and force quitting pboard. The article that covers it is … Read more

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iOS15 and Email Open Tracking

This is about people and brands who send newsletters as part of their business. Now, iOS15 is making it harder for marketers to know what percentage of the recipients opened the email. That’s because Mail privacy protection eliminates the ability to accurately track open rates; Private relay will hide the user’s IP address while browsing … Read more

Managing Client Dashboards

If it’s not clear from the name, the plugin is aimed at developers doing work for clients and managing client dashboards to prevent clients messing up the work you have done. This is a plugin From WP Codeus, who are located in Madison, WI, USA. Apart from their own client work they make three plugins, … Read more

Dropbox Interface Problem

Here’s the problem: I put a folder into my local Dropbox. There is no green check mark – nothing. I looked in Dropbox in the browser online and it is there – so why no local green check mark on the local folder? Here’s the solution (at least on a Mac) for the problem that … Read more