Advanced WordPress Reset

Advanced WordPress Reset is another plugin that will reset and restore a WordPress database to its original state when you want to start from scratch with a site. You can also direct it to clean up the uploads folder, delete comments, remove plugins.

I just used this plugin and then WP Reset that I wrote about before, to clean up a test site to start from fresh.

Make A Disk Image On A Mac

The nice thing about disk images is that you can encrypt them and password protect them.

First make your file or files and pop them in a folder. Then go to Disk Utility (it’s in the Utilities folder in Applications) and then find ‘Files’ in the top line, and choose ‘new image/image from folder.’ Find the folder you want to use and give it a name or keep the one that comes up. Then choose an encryption level and make a password. That’s it. The file will be saved as a .dmg.

If you lose the password you will not be able to recover it from anywhere.

WooCommerce: Setting Different Time Limits To Cancel Orders

In WooCommerce> Settings > Products > Inventory page, you can choose how long the system will hold stock for unpaid orders. When the limit you set is reached, the pending order will be cancelled. Or you can leave the field blank to disable it. That is generally not a good idea, because you might find customers put products in the basket and leave – and soon you will have no available stock to sell.

But what happens if you have a variety of methods of payment, for example credit card or cheque or ban transfer? You can’t set a limit of, say, 60 minutes, because that won’t allow enough time for a bank transfer or for a cheque to arrive.

The WooCommerce Cancel Abandoned Order plugin allows you to set specific time limits to hold stock for different kinds of payment.

M1 MacBook Pro Tiny Font

The downside of the high pixel count of the M1 MacBook Pro 16″ is the size of the font in the Apple Mail sidebar, the Safari sidebar and Safari Favourites Bar.

To increase the font size in the main body of Mail is easy enough, but how to increase the font size of the sidebar? The answer is System Preferences > General > Sidebar icon size: Large.

That does not increase the font size of the sidebar or the favourites bar in Safari, however.

I will add to this post as and when someone tells me how to do it.

Where Is The Stickies Database

This is for when you are transferring data manually from an old Mac, or in my case from a Time Machine backup. In my case it was because the logic board on the old machine died. It was easy enough to pull over my home folder and its contents. But where was the Stickies Database?

I had gone through the process about a year ago when I erased a disc and started over. But now I was doing it again and I couldn’t remember where the Stickies data is kept. Eventually after reading a couple of articles I decided to look in Containers, and that is where the data is kept.


From inside that folder, just drag the pList and the Data folder into the same Container on your new machine and you are all set.

Default to Billing or Shipping Address in WooCommerce?

In the Shipping Destination section of the back end in a WooCommerce web site, there are three options in WooCommerce / Settings / Shipping / Shipping Options. The options are:

  • Default to customer shipping address
  • Default to customer billing address
  • Force shipping to the customer billing address

Assuming you want to allow a customer ask for delivery to an address other than the billing address, how do you decide between the first two options? Do you set the default to the customer shipping address or their billing address?

The answer is this: If you set it to the shipping address, then on the checkout page the box next to the text that reads ‘Deliver to a different address?’ will be checked and the fields will be open and visible. If you set it to the billing address then the box will not be checked and the customer would have to check the box to get the fields for the delivery address to open and become visible.

If the majority of customers want delivery to their billing address, choose the ‘Default to customer billing address’ option.