Login Plugin

The Custom Login plugin is in the WordPress repository and it is made by Ben Gillbanks, who is a core contributor. The plugin enables you to customise the login screen on a WordPress install. I like the way you can set it up with a very minimal appearance.

WP Rollback

I heard about this plugin when looking at the reply to someone in the WooCommerce Blocks forum who observed that the text disappears to a tiny size when the number of columns increases beyond three. The recommendation was to try rolling back to the previous version of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin using WP Rollback. There’s … Read more

Replacing Text: Plugin or Theme

Being able to replace text in WordPress themes or plugins is very useful. Here is Jeff Star on how to replace all instances of a string in WordPress. As he says, nothing is actually changed in the database — it’s only changed when output to the browser. And this is all well and good, but … Read more

Export All URLs

Export All URLs and not all the things. Just export the URLs of all the posts, and the categories under which they were posted. Or if one wants, export the post IDs. As to when you would need this, well perhaps you are in my position. I am going to move a site and change … Read more

Find and Replace

Find and Replace is something that you really need when you need it. And the ‘when’ of when you need it is when you move your WordPress site to a new domain or server. When you do that you will almost certainly need to run a search and replace on the database. The reason is … Read more

Wordfence Lockout

Somehow or other, Wordfence locks you out of your admin panel. You can wait until the lockout expires. Or perhaps you have been permanently locked out. You know the credentials, so you just need a way to get back in. One way is to FTP in to your server and rename the Wordfence plugin so … Read more