Adding A Second Business To A Stripe Account

When you log in to your Stripe website and go to add a second (or third) business to your Stripe account in WooCommerce, you are asked to activate it.

You might wonder why that is when it is tied to the same Stripe account. In fact, that’s the way to do it.

You input your business name and address. And then it comes to the part where you input your bank account details.

The question is, what happens if you want to use the same bank account as for your other account?

To put it in context: If the new business is in the same line as the existing business, then it fulfils the criteria for the bank.

And when starting a new business, there is no way you would want to open a new bank account for something that might come to nothing. 

So you want to use the same bank account. Does Stripe allow it?

The answer is yes, and you will find the information in the documents at ~/docs/multiple-accounts 

Payouts to separate bank accounts
Each additional account can use a separate bank account for payouts (although you can use the same bank account if you wish)