Clear Cache For Visitors

I saw this recommended as a solution in a post in the WooCommerce Help and Share group on FaceBook.

You may have a caching system like LiteSpeed Cache that will clear the cache each time a page or post is changed. If it is connected to a CDN such as CloudFlare it will also clear the cache there.

But if you don’t have that system enabled and you want to be nice to your visitors (especially if you are running an eCommerce shop), then look at the reBusted plugin in the WP repository.

It promises to save you having to ask “Have you emptied your cache?” when customers run into problems or visitors tell you they are not seeing what you are seeing.

It says it is safe to leave running on live sites; only refreshes browser cache for a file if it has been modified; and doesn’t require any configuration.

It is built by Simon Prosser who is part of the BeaverBuilder team, a WordPress core contributor, and part of the Theme Review team, which are good recommendations.