Disabling Gutenberg Blocks

With Disable Gutenberg blocks by Danny Cooper, you can disable the blocks you don’t need.

On the plugin page in the WordPress repository there is a list of the block plugins that it supports. 

I am not sure what ‘disable’ means. Having listened to Joost speaking yesterday on WP Sessions, I understand that the problem with blocks is that if you have a number of collections of blocks, then they are all called on every page and that will slow down your site.

Does Danny Cooper’s Disable Gutenberg Blocks plugin solve this issue? I asked him, and he replied:

Block Managers are unlikely to offer any performance gains as ‘Block Collections’ will load all their CSS/JS regardless of which blocks are used.

A block library built into WordPress Core which only includes simple standalone blocks would help for those times you want something small without all the bloat.

For more complex page builders there is always going to be some performance concerns, just like you already have with Elementor and the like.