Export All URLs

Export All URLs and not all the things. Just export the URLs of all the posts, and the categories under which they were posted. Or if one wants, export the post IDs. As to when you would need this, well perhaps you are in my position.

I am going to move a site and change the platform of the main site. But I want to keep the WordPress blog directory. And I don’t want to reproduce or export-import all the posts. There is a lot of stuff in the 273 posts that I don’t want to move across. Some posts can just fade away, or I can 301 redirect them (but I probably won’t).

Export All URLs Plugin

Instead, I have copied most of the posts as plain text into a plain text document. And I made a note of the URLs. But then I will move the site and turn it into a completely WordPress site. At that point I will no longer have the old URLs to check. So I just used a neat little plugin in the WordPress repository named Export All URLs. I just ran it and it does what it says on the tin. Now I have a list of URLs and categories. And with that list I will be able check the URLs against my plain text posts. I will use that check list when I post the posts to the new site.

Eventually I will put a statement on the home page when the site is moved. It will explain that the whole service has moved to a new home. And it will explain all the good reasons someone should follow there. I hope all this is not premature, because the functionality of the new site is not in place yet. It too is built in WordPress with WooCommerce. But there will also be some custom templates and other goodies..