Gzip and Brotli

Gzip and Brotli compress web pages. Let’s say you are running WordPress and have Litespeed active at server level. You install the Litespeed cache plugin, and set it up. Then you run a test on something like Pingdom and it tells you that Gzip compression is not configured.

And it’s true that it isn’t configured, but it’s because Litespeed uses Brotli for compression.

Check it at GiftOfSpeed

If it is enabled you will see something like this:

Results for: https://maincontrol.co.uk/
Brotli Is Enabled
Original Size: 52.47 KB
Brotli Size (compressed): 15.69 KB
Compression %: 70.1% is compressed
HTTP Status: 200
Request Time: 0.3036 ms
Compression Time: 0.0014 s
Content Type: text/html
Server: Uknown