iOS15 and Email Open Tracking

This is about people and brands who send newsletters as part of their business. Now, iOS15 is making it harder for marketers to know what percentage of the recipients opened the email. That’s because Mail privacy protection eliminates the ability to accurately track open rates; Private relay will hide the user’s IP address while browsing the web; And Hide my email will allow users to mask their real email address with a fake one. Score one for privacy, and bad for businesses.

I read about this in MailPoet, that said:

Estimates vary based on whose data you use, but it’s fair to assume that about 30-50% of your email list is using Apple Mail and Apple devices to open emails. For all the people in that group who opt in to Apple’s new privacy option, email marketers will lose access to data they’ve always had in the past.

The estimate linked to an article in Litmus that said that mobile access to mail in the first Quarter of 2021 accounted for 47% of mail. Of that, Apple iPhone accounted for 38.9% of mail received, with Gmail in second place with 27.2%, and Apple Mail in third position with 11.5%.

That’s a big impact that Apple has in the market place, bigger than I would have guessed. Therefore, the effect of iOS15 is similarly significant in the market place.

What’s a marketer to do? The article in MailPoet suggests some ways, but they are sticking plaster on a major change in the information trail from recipient back to originator.