List WooCommerce Products In A Table

By default, WooCommerce is set up to list products in a grid. You can choose the number of thumbnails across the page and the number of rows of products. And you can add the title of the product, the price, and a Buy button below the thumbnail. And there is nothing wrong with that layout. But for some stores it would be nice to have the products in a table, vertically.

That’s what the Woo Product Tables plugin does, It is in the WordPress Repository and it enables you to display your products as a list. A column of thumbnails appears on the left, then in columns across the page you see the title, then the summary, the price, and the Buy button for your selected products.

I like the look of it a lot, particularly for displaying products in a table where a customer might buy several products, choosing right from the thumbnails. For that you need the pro version, which is $49 for one site. Another reason to like the plugin is that the display is responsive. It’s food for thought for the right kind of products.

The pro version is marketed by WooCommerce as Product Table for WooCommerce, and you have to install the free version and then the paid version on top of it.