Login Plugin

The Custom Login plugin is in the WordPress repository and it is made by Ben Gillbanks, who is a core contributor. The plugin enables you to customise the login screen on a WordPress install. I like the way you can set it up with a very minimal appearance.

Restrict Shipping Destinations For Some Products Only

To restrict shipping destinations in WooCommerce specify countries you ship to. Do not set a shipping option for countries you don’t ship to. But beware how WooCommerce behaves at checkout when you mix products that have different shipping restrictions. Let’s suppose you sell some products to a lot of countries and some products only with … Read more

WP Rollback

I heard about this plugin when looking at the reply to someone in the WooCommerce Blocks forum who observed that the text disappears to a tiny size when the number of columns increases beyond three. The recommendation was to try rolling back to the previous version of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin using WP Rollback. There’s … Read more

List WooCommerce Products In A Table

By default, WooCommerce is set up to list products in a grid. You can choose the number of thumbnails across the page and the number of rows of products. And you can add the title of the product, the price, and a Buy button below the thumbnail. And there is nothing wrong with that layout. … Read more

Replacing Text: Plugin or Theme

Being able to replace text in WordPress themes or plugins is very useful. Here is Jeff Star on how to replace all instances of a string in WordPress. As he says, nothing is actually changed in the database — it’s only changed when output to the browser. And this is all well and good, but … Read more

How to see hidden files on a Mac in the Finder

In any Finder window that you think has hidden files in it. Press Command+Shift+Full stop. Your hidden files will become visible. Press Command+Shift+Full stop to hide them again. Full stop is a dot – which is what hidden files begin with.

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