WooCommerce Blocks – What Is a Stable Block

WooCommerce Blocks is a plugin that adds functionality to the WooCommerce plugin. So far so good. And the specific functions it adds are listed (as of the version 3.1.0 current today) as follows:

Featured Product Block
Featured Category Block
Hand-Picked products Block
Best Selling Products Block
Top Rated Products Block
Newest Products Block
On Sale Products Block
Products by Category Block
Products by Tag Block
Products by Attribute Block
Product Categories List Block
Reviews by Product
Reviews by Category
All Reviews
Product Search
All Products
Filter Products by Price
Filter Products by Attribute
Active Product Filters

The thing is that the WooCommerce plugin itself is being updated all the time, including adding what are called ‘stable blocks’ from WooCommerce Blocks into WooCommerce.

So what are the ‘stable blocks’? And of course the answer is that the list is changing all the time as more blocks are declared stable and incorporated into WooCommerce.

But – as of today, if you go to this WooCommerce.com page you will see:

In WooCommerce 3.6, WooCommerce Product Blocks build upon the power of the block editor, allowing you to easily feature products on posts and pages via eight new blocks:

  • Featured products: Select and display a single product in a new “high-impact” format. Control text alignment, show or hide the price and description, add a color overlay, change the button call to action, specify a custom height, or override the product photograph.
  • Individual, hand-picked products: Search for and display products of your choice in a grid.
  • Bestsellers/top-rated: Display a grid of your best-selling products, filterable by category.
  • Newest products: Display a grid of your newest products, filterable by category.
  • Sale products: Display a grid of on sale products, filterable by category.
  • Products with specific attributes or terms: Display any products that have been assigned multiple or specific attribute terms.

So if you are only using the blocks that are in WooCommerce itself, you could deactivate and delete the WooCommerce Blocks plugin safely, as I just did.