Replacing Media

Enable Media Replace is a WordPress plugin made by ShortPixel that sells itself on the rhetorical question asking whether you find it tedious to have to delete a media file before uploading another replacement file with the same name. The first option offered is to replace the file with a file of the same type … Read more

WordPress Duplicator Plugin

I just heard this mentioned on a Slack channel. WP Staging is a duplicator plugin that allows you to create a copy of your website. It creates a clone of your website into a subfolder of your main WordPress installation, including a copy of your database. And it does an entire search & replace of … Read more

Kadence Blocks Gutenberg Plugin

The same speaker at the meet-up who recommended the Calendar plugin, also recommended Kadence Blocks, a Gutenberg plugin. Last December, in the post I wrote about WooCommerce themes I had tried, I mentioned a theme by Kadence. I was impressed last night with all the things that the Kadence Blocks can do. After the meet-up … Read more

Calendar Plugin

One of the speakers at our last WordPress meetup suggested this calendar plugin. It’s called Modern Events Calendar Lite and it describes itself as a responsive, mobile-friendly tool for managing events in websites. The speaker demonstrated it and it looks pretty impressive. That said, I have not used it, so I am putting it here … Read more

Garbage Collector

Plugins Garbage Collector by By Vladimir Garagulya – scans the database and finds orphaned rows that have no corresponding plugin.

WP Reset

WP Reset By WebFactory Ltd resets the database and deletes posts, pages, comments, and every user except the one logged in. Unless you tell it otherwise, it does not delete the media files, plugins, themes, or uploads.