Hide Product Categories

admin on January 11, 2019 If you want to pre-approve your customers (such as in a trade-only shop) then you might want to disable the visibility of pricing as the ability for visitors to buy your products. Catalog Visibility Options The Catalog Visibility Options plugin will do this and also let you choose which user roles can … Read more

Sorting WooCommerce Products

Using the Gutenberg plugin on a blog is one thing: Using it on a WooCommerce site is another. So while I have been using Gutenberg since January 2018, it was only couple of months ago that I activated Gutenberg  on a WooCommerce test site. I did it when the people at WooCommerce released the WooCommerce Gutenberg Products block plugin. … Read more

Email Text Customizer for WooCommerce

There are two standard emails built in to WooCommerce that are sent to a customer on a successful transaction. The first is the Processing Order email. It is and sent automatically as soon as a payment goes through. The second is the Completed Order email, and is sent manually by the site owner when he/she marks the transaction as … Read more

Test Your Checkout

I sometime test the checkout by temporarily changing the Stripe checkout to test mode and putting through a purchase. It works, but being a manual process it depends upon my doing it – and when WordPress is updated or WooCommerce is updated, or some plugin or other that might interfere with another plugin is updated, … Read more

No WooCommerce Product Reviews Tab?

No WooCommerce product reviews tab? Maybe this is why. I decided to activate product reviews on a site running WooCommerce. I recalled that I had disabled reviews soon after I set up the site. That was on the advice of someone writing about how to reduce load on the server with requests going back and … Read more