Non Clickable Menu Items

Non clickable menu items are useful when you don’t want people clicking them. So, you may ask, in what circumstances might you not want people clicking on them?

Well it can be where you have products in categories and you want people to look at the products within the categories. What you don’t want them to do is click on the superior menu item and see all the products in all the categories, like some giant never-ending display.

On one of my other sites I have a main menu and sub-menus for some of the main menu items. And those sub-menu items have sub-sub-menu items.

I want visitors to click on the sub-sub-menu items. I don’t want visitors clicking on the main menu item, and I don’t want them clicking on the sub-menu items.

The way to make menu items non clickable is to use a custom link. When you use a custom link you see a link field and a name. What you do is, instead of putting a URL in the link field, you put a symbol such as a hash sign #.

You have to put something: WordPress won’t let you leave the URL field empty.

So far so good and I have done that several times before. The thing is that if you leave the # in place, WordPress will read that as a link back to the home page, followed by /#.

And that is not what you want. You want the link to be a non-link. That is, you want it to do nothing at all. You don’t want the cursor to change to a little hand. You want nothing, nada.

The extra step that I learned today is that once the custom link is made, take out the # sign. Now the link is dead and the menu item is no longer clickable.