Why It Is A Bad Idea To Mess With WooCommerce Hierarchy

I asked for some SEO advice from someone who was/is in the business of offering SEO advice. He suggested removing some parts of the URL structure to make the URLs more Google-friendly. They way this would do that, so he said, was to shorten the steps that Google would’ve to crawl to find a product. … Read more

How to add text below WooCommerce category thumbnails

This is how to add text below WooCommerce category thumbnails in the Product category pages. And not just a line or two, but several paragraphs of text. The ultimate aim is to overcome the ‘thin content’ on category pages. To illustrate, here is the navigation menu on a WooCommerce site. I wanted to put content … Read more

When Not To Google Fix Warnings

I got an email from Google Search Console today about one of my sites. Specifically, the message said that it was warning me that Search Console had identified that the site was affected by a Product issue. That made sense because the site in question is a WooCommerce site, so it has products. The email … Read more

Themes For WooCommerce

At first sight you might think that most WordPress themes would work with WooCommerce, and to some extent it is true. And for those themes that don’t support WooCommerce, there is a snippet of code you can add to make the theme work. But ‘working’ and working well and looking good are not the same. … Read more

Either Offers Review Or aggregateRating Should Be Specified

On a WooCommerce site I was getting a message in Google Search Console that: Either “offers”, “review”, or “aggregateRating” should be specified. I ran a product page through Google’s structured data testing tool. It didn’t throw up an error (except for ‘brand’), but I have seen that before. That was odd, because surely the tool … Read more