Email Text Customizer for WooCommerce

There are two standard emails built in to WooCommerce that are sent to a customer on a successful transaction. The first is the Processing Order email. It is and sent automatically as soon as a payment goes through. The second is the Completed Order email, and is sent manually by the site owner when he/she marks the transaction as … Read more

Test Your Checkout

I sometime test the checkout by temporarily changing the Stripe checkout to test mode and putting through a purchase. It works, but being a manual process it depends upon my doing it – and when WordPress is updated or WooCommerce is updated, or some plugin or other that might interfere with another plugin is updated, … Read more

No WooCommerce Product Reviews Tab?

No WooCommerce product reviews tab? Maybe this is why. I decided to activate product reviews on a site running WooCommerce. I recalled that I had disabled reviews soon after I set up the site. That was on the advice of someone writing about how to reduce load on the server with requests going back and … Read more

Why You Should Consider A Business Plan on

Why would you want to consider a Business Plan on, you might ask. Well, has come a long way since its early days of offering a simple way to get into blogging without having to worry about how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site. I know some people use as a … Read more